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Analytics and Reporting

Early data show declines in overall healthcare spending notwithstanding estimated costs related to COVID-19

While the cost of treating COVID-19 will be significant, particularly for patients requiring hospitalization, the lost revenue from delayed or cancelled elective procedures, diagnostic tests and routine office visits will likely lead to lower total healthcare spending in the immediate future, according to early data emerging from the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. FAIR...Read more

Early data suggests steep declines in all healthcare services, except telehealth

Early data on healthcare utilization during COVID-19 pandemic suggest dramatic reductions in the use of nearly all healthcare services and steep increases in telemedicine. Consumer spending on health care fell 18% in the first three months of the year, according to the Commerce Department’s first-quarter GDP estimate. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission shared information last...Read more

A Regional Perspective: Showing COVID-19 data across county and state lines

Most information on COVID-19 testing, incidence, morbidity and mortality is being shared by counties at the county and zip code levels and by states at the county level. However, many regions, including New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, include counties in multiple states. Other states, including Texas, Florida, and California, have multiple, multi-county...Read more

Using APCD Data to Identify Populations at High Risk for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes

As states and municipalities evaluate when to relax social distancing measures and prepare for a phased re-opening, they must be able to document a sustained reduction in current cases and confirm their ability to effectively test and treat new cases without crisis. Successfully preparing for future outbreaks or waves of illness requires the ability to...Read more